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_A_, album ini hanya pada DJ Remix Mp3 durasi 02:20 dan suara kualitas terbaik dengan ukuran 3.2 MB, klik mainkan jika Anda ingin menonton video, atau memilih tombol unduh jika Anda akan mengunduh ke MP3 atau MP4

1967 Gibson GA-5T (White Panel)

I received this amp in '01 or '02. I had it serviced as it was blowing fuses. It has a new rectifier and a new grounded power cable. Superb, clean...

Gibson GA-5T Skylark Amp Quick Demo

As of July 29th 2017, this amp is for sale. This demo is just to show that the thing is in fine functional shape. Please send me a message if you...

Weber Speaker Upgrade - Wow!

Gibson GA-5 w Weber 8" Signature Ceramic 8, Mercury Magnetics Transformer, Neunaber Wet Reverb, Gruber Telecaster, Lollar Pickups

Stan's Gibson GA-5

quick low-res video from cell phone.... test run of 1957 Gibson GA-5. Original Jensen... Filter can replaced with 20uF/10uF/10uF Sprague Atoms...

Merry Go Round 660

Structure in galvanized iron with wood platform. In the centre a big column supports the roof covered by fiberglass decorated panels. Attraction...

1965 Gibson Skylark GA-5t demo

Playing dapne, my life 1990 fender strat plus loaded with Seth lovers into the skylark loaded with a reconed CTS Alnico 25 watt


This is a cool little GA-5t! It will need a little love but it’s already sounding pretty sweet!

Modified 1964 Gibson Scout GA17RVT

I purchased a non-functioning Gibson amplifier and put my skills to test on bringing it back to life. First course of action were to give it a 3...

1960s Gibson Skylark GA-5T

Just fixed this amp up with a set tube of NOS tubes, a three prong plug, and new caps. Shows off the low, mid, and high "loudness" and tremolo...

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