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Mp3 download _A_, album ini Guitar Center in New York #1, near Union Square (W 25, 14th St.) hanya pada DJ Remix Mp3 durasi penuh 07:10 dan suara kualitas terbaik dengan ukuran 9.84 MB, pilih mainkan jika Anda akan menonton video, atau pilih Unduh jika Anda akan mengunduh ke MP3 atau MP4.

Going to look around Guitar Center

Looking around at guitar center with my brothers. Playing the drums. Checking out the dj equipment. Playing a piano. Looking at guitars and having...

Why we hate Guitar Center

gunther singing a song at guitar center talking about how guitar center sucks. now before you judge, the reason why we hate GC is because the...

[email protected] Center Union Square

この前たまたまマンハッタン14th Streetのギターセンターで勃発した即興演奏。 この二人もちろん初対面です。奥の彼は教会でドラマーをしているそうです。 手前のおじいさんは詳細はわかりませんがかなりの腕前。 これがニューヨークです。

Stopped At Guitar Center For a Minute

When me and my friends used to do music we would dream of having this equipment that would make us famous. Wow. so funny... it's not the equipment...

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